Small Bore Rifles


I try to keep a good selection of both interesting and practical rimfire rifles in stock. Unless otherwise stated the following will all gauge within the bore tolerance required when new.

To see the details and pictures of each of our small bore rifles for sale select the small arrow to the left of the title and the information will open out. To view a larger image select the picture.

To discuss the purchase of any of the firearms listed below please Contact Me.

***Just Arrived – .22 Lee Enfield No8Mk1 Training Rifle, 1950 made and Enfield Refurbished in 1970, lovely rifle with interesting museum tag on Pistol Grip cap***   ***.22 Anschutz 1807 target rifle, lovely condition with Supermatch type butt***   ***.22 BSA War Office Pattern 1907 Training rifle, lovely order and with a very good bore unusually for one of these!***   ***.22 Walther Sprtsmodel K98 training rifle, very rare German pre-ww2 training rifle***

*** Due In Lee Enfield No8Mk1 in very good condition throughout and with matching numbers *** Anschutz 1813 Supermatch LEFT HANDED *** Feinwerkbau 2700 in very fine condition *** 

*** Just In Near Mint Anschutz Match 64 Target Rifle, Exceptional condition, Anschutz target sights and Centra iris, ideal starter target rifle *** .22 BSA Mk11 Rifle *** Two .22 BSA Mk1V Rifles *** .22 BSA MkV Rifle ***

.22 Anschutz 1807 Left Handed

A Left Handed .22 Anschutz 1807 in very good order throughout. £995.00



.22 Anschutz 1807

.22 Anschutz 1807 in very good order throughout. £895.00



.22lr Mauser KKW Trainer

.22 Mauser KKW Training Rifle fitted with ZF41 telescope and mount.   Rifle number 398 with number matching on barrel, bolt body, top handguard (in barrel channel) and stock (again in barrel channel, stamped).   Barrel with mint bore both looking and gauging as new with 4-groove r/h rifling, marked to the left hand side between the rearsight bed and the action “KAL. 22 LANG FUR BUCHSEN   398 D.F.” along with Waffenampt mark, rearsight tangent graduated from 25-200 meters, the base incorporating the mounting base for the fitted ZF41 telescope, Waffenamt mark to the left hand side of the base with indistinct, possibly spurious code – 155? or 135? or 13S? or 15S?.  Walnut full stock not duffle-cut with rifle number 398 stamped within the barrel channel,   Good clean order and of typical dimensions, evidence of sling swivels fitted in the past and filled in, small in-let repair to the sling-pass area on the right hand side of the butt.   ZF41 telescope with /1 suffix indicating refurbished during wartime CXN coded, mounted in DNV coded mount with Waffenampt 214 code and numbered with rifle number 9267 (not matching this rifle) the mount and telescope in a commensurate state of finish to each other with the blacking turning grey, the rifle finish being much better with 90%+ original remaining, telescope with sharp optics and adjustments working reliably and positively.   A rare and unusual rifle.     £2,250.00

DSC_7746  DSC_7747


.22 Short Colt Lightning

.22 Short Colt Lightning Small Frame Circa 1888.   A lovely little Lightning with a mint original (un-lined!) barrel, serial number dating it to 1888 there is a good proportion of the original charcoal bluing to the cocking slide and this along with the bore condition leads me to believe this Lightning to have been little used (though carried much!).   Very crisp action and lovely trigger pull, the butt has a very old extension however the original contour remains.   Very rare now, especially with such a good original bore.   £595.00  S693

DSC_7660  DSC_7662

DSC_7661  DSC_7663

.22 Schmidt Rubin Model 11

.22 Swiss Schmidt Rubin Model 11 Training Rifle.   Not often seen and in very good order with an immaculate bore and very tidy furniture, metal parts with the majority of original finish as can be seen.   £995.00   Stock 546

DSC_7417  DSC_7418


.22 Steyr 1898 Trainer

.22 Steyr Model 1898 Training Carbine.   Unusual little rifle, matching numbers throughout and with a mint bore, the metal parts having been completely refinished to a good standard, interesting and rarely seen.   £795.00   Stock 547

DSC_7450  DSC_7451

.22 Ruger 10/22 Target

.22 Ruger 10/22 Heavy Barrel Target Rifles.   I have 5 used examples in stock all from the same source and all known to me.   They have had a bit of use but are all working well and accurate and in tidy, looked after condition, all supplied with a brand new Ruger 10 round magazine    £395.00

DSC_7301  DSC_7302

.22lr LSA War Office Patt. Trainer

.22 War Office Pattern 1907 Training Rifle Retailed by Army & Navy Stores Ltd.  In very good external condition with a lovely sharp stock with LSA trade mark, Army & Navy CS Ltd marked trigger guard with A&N number, all matching LSA numbers throughout.  Sadly the bore is a little untidy but it does shoot very well regardless.  One of the most presentable examples I have seen.    £395.00  SRC76

DSC_6729  DSC_6730

.22lr Atchisson Sub-Calibre M16 or AR15 Conversion

.22 Atchisson Sub-Calibre conversion kit for an M16 or Ar15 .223 rifle.  Rare in this country and in good condition with original box, paperwork and 2 magazines (30rnd shown, 10 end also).  Suit straight-pull .223 Ar’s.   £225.00   SRC91


.22lr BSA Martini International Mk2

.22 BSA Martini International Mk2 in very good order.  Pictures to follow   £SOLD

.22lr BSA Take-Down Sporter

.22 BSA Take Down Sporting Rifle, mint bore and very tidy, a cracker!.  Pictures to follow   £SOLD

.22lr W J Jeffery & Co Ex-Rook Rifle

.22 W J Jeffery & Co Hammerless top-leaver Ex-Rook Rifle in nice condition.  Excellent bore, nice long stock (14 3/4″ lop) and fitted with vintage PH scope blocks and QD “roll-off” rings with a Pecar 4-10X45 telescope, all in all a super little classic rifle package.     £1,495.00   SRB24

P1060740  P1060742

P1060741  P1060743

.22lr BSA Martini-International ISU

.22 BSA Martini-International ISU in Very Good Order complete with butt spacers, swivel, handstop and sights.  Little used condition – Not the normal ex-club gun!.  Pictures to follow   £SOLD

.17hmr CZ-452

.17hmr CZ 452-2E ZKM Bolt Rifles – I have new .17hmr “kits” in stock featuring the rifle (in wood/blue, synthetic/blue & synthetic/stainless) brand new, factory boxed and screwcut, SAK moderator, Nikko Sterling 4-12X50 scope, mounts and padded guncase all available for under £600.00…  Wood/Blue Kit £575.00   Synthetic/Blue Kit £585.00   Synthetic/Stainless Kit £595.00     SRA55

.22lr SMLE MkIV Training Rifle

.22 SMLE MkIV Training rifles – I currently have several in stock from good to excellent condition, all with mint bores.  Please contact me for more details!   £595.00 – £995.00  SRA38

.22lr BSA Mk11 Martini International

.22 BSA International Mk11 in outstanding condition.  Correct sights throughout and un-altered timber in very good condition.  All in all probably the best you will find with the only detraction being that the top of the receiver has been tapped for an extra sight block at some point.   £SOLD

P1060434 P1060436


.22lr BSA Mk11 Martini International

.22 BSA International Mk11 fitted with PH25(B)C backsight with 1/4 minute adjustment, in all other ways identical to the above but with a little frosting to the blueing on the receiver.   £195.00

.22lr BSA Mk 111 Martini International

.22 BSA International Mk111 in near excellent condition with PH25B rearsight with large adjustment knobs, 6-hole aperture and PH1 foresight.  Nice, original length woodwork, butt with chequered wrist.   £SOLD

P1060432  P1060433

.22lr Greener Martini Ladies Model

.22 W.W. Greener Ladies Special Model MK2 Martini Take-Down Rifle.  Very rare example built on a light frame Greener-Martini action with a horn tipped forend and well figured stock with steeply raked pistol grip.  A rare variant of Greener’s “Miniature Club Rifle” series intended for use by the fairer sex, the Ladies Model is very fine in proportion and this example is one of only a handful I have seen.  The barrel has been re-lined at some point in its life and the bore is as new.  The metal work has been subject to a re-finish and the woodwork would benefit from a little loving care to look its best but where will you find another one?.   £795.00

P1060427  P1060428


.22lr BRNO Mod.2

.22 BRNO Mod.2 circa 1979 with nicely figured stock and mint bore.   £195.00   SRm8

P1060156  P1060157

.22lr F-N

.22 Fabrique Nationale Semi Automatic Take-Down. Mint bore and tidy condition. Never messed around with.   £250.00   SRg4

.22short Winchester 74

.22 (short) Winchester Model 74. Rare semi-automatic Winchester in very tidy condition. Fair bore but appears to work and shoot well.   £75.00   SRe5

.22lr Remington 33

.22 Remington Model 33 single shot rifle. Good bore and stock but tired finish.   £45.00   SRd8

.22lr CZ 511

.22 BRNO CZ 511 Semi Automatic. 1984 manufacture but appears virtually unused. Outstanding example.   £325.00   SRb8

P1050998  P1050999

.22lr F-N

.22 Fabrique Nationale Semi Automatic Take-Down. Classic “fairground” rifle. Screw cut, good bore, tatty exterior.   £95.00   SRb7

.22lr BRNO Mod.2

.22 BRNO Mod.2 made in 1957 and in very good order with a mint bore. Very good, very early example with lovely tiger striped stock.   £225.00   SRb6

P1060015  P1060016

.22lr Winchester 69A

.22 Winchester 69A. .22 short, long and LR. Short magazine fitted. A good, usable historic riflr with an excellent bore.   £195.00   SRb3

P1060083  P1060084

.22lr BRNO Mod.2

.22 BRNO Mod.2. 1965 manufacture and in outstanding condition with mint bore, nicely figured wood and high-gloss blue. A cracking early Mod.2 in little used condition.   £275.00   SRb2

P1060079  P1060080

.22lr BSA Ralock

.22 BSA “RALOCK” Semi-Automatic. Another example of this very rare rifle. This one is serial number 12! Only made 1949-1951 and less than 6,000 produced. Possibly the earliest surviving example and in very good condition with a mint bore.   £595.00   SR77

.22WMR Winchester 9422M

.22 WMR Winchester 9422M in very good order in a rare and popular calibre. Very little used, these are super little rifles.  £495.00   SR9


.22lr Voere S/A

.22 Voere Semi-Auto fitted with basic 4X40 scope, good overall condition and cheap!   £95.00   S207